Who We Are

The Arena is a state of the art sports facility located in central Colorado Springs, Colorado that was established in 2015. Family owned and operated by the Goldbergs: Doug, Kitsen, Grant, Eric, and Trevor, our mission is to provide a place for Colorado athletes of any age and skill set to prepare themselves physically, develop their skills and understand how to train like a champion.

Our Facility

3 indoor batting tunnels/hitting lanes: 14’ x 65’ each with build-in pitching mounds. 2 outdoor batting cages.

Athletic performance center: certified strength and conditioning coaches helping athletes to obtain strength, increase acceleration and speed, transfer power, and better protect themselves from the intensity of sport demands.

Hardwood floor: full size NCAA Basketball court, 2 high school courts, 2 regulation volleyball courts, 4 pickleball courts.

25'x75' of field turf for TOCA and technical soccer training.