Enhancing athletic movement through
Integrity, Excellence, and Knowledge.

Eric Goldberg,

Director of Performance

Ryan Gonzales,

Sports Performance Coach

Luis Cervantez,

Sports Performance Coach

Ben Wojchik,

Sports Performance Coach

Our Training Philosophy

How does an athlete add size, obtain speed, increase quickness, get more powerful, become more athletic and protect themselves in vulnerable situations. The answer? There is no ONE answer. Increasing athletic performance is a constantly evolving field. There's research, subjective proof, science and proven results.

Our Passion

We sort through all the evidence and help our athletes STRIVE to obtain strength, increase acceleration and speed, transfer power, and better protect themselves from the intensity of sport demands. This requires a consistent, committed approach from both our coaches and our athletes in order to adapt and improve.

Our Mission

We work to enhance athletic movement through integrity, knowledge, and excellence.

Our Standard


Athletes with INTEGRITY must be relentless in effort and consistent in the application of vital disciplines related to preparation, performance, and recovery.


As human beings, and as athletes we occupy both mental and physical spaces. We teach total body awareness by creating a synergy of mental attentiveness and physical mindfulness. KNOWLEDGE is gained through training the mind and the body.


We expect and cultivate EXCELLENCE in everything. Excellence in movement, excellence in character, excellence in accountability.

Our Perspective

Let's be honest, in sports things rarely go as planned and athletes often find themselves in less than ideal positions that are susceptible to injury. Speed, quickness, agility, strength, and power result from being able to produce force, especially from these less than perfect situations. Because the groundwork has been laid, our athletes understand how to move their bodies properly and successfully. The result is that their performance is amplified and the prolonged life of a career is within reach.

An athlete's body must be built on a solid foundation of general physical preparation principles. Training the way CHAMPIONS do will require a culmination of integrity, knowledge and excellence. Those who are unwavering in this manner will have a chance at performance success. Athletes will encounter adversity and must resort to their ethics and have the courage to push for more. Ultimately, this is where our athletes will BECOME MORE, the culture of The Arena.

Our Confidence

Unlocking an athlete's highest potential by teaching movement principles to facilitate increasing, healthy careers.

There are three different options when it comes to Athletic Performance Training at The Arena.

Personal Training, Small Group Training, or Team Training

Personal Training is 1 on 1 with a strength coach. Programs are 100% tailored to the athlete and their goals.

Small Group Training is a group of 2-12 athletes of similar age, sport, and goal.

Team Training focuses on your team and their goals.

All programs are fully comprehensive in which we coach all facets of performance training.

Sport $99 / month
Adult Funtional Training $75 / month
HERO $50 / month
Open Gym (Restrictions Apply) $35 / month
Single Session $15
1 on 1 Training Per Session
1 Session $60
10 Sessions $50
Recovery Room $40 / month

To Schedule Training:
Call The Arena at 719.428.5466