Most “sports performance” places want you to pay a monthly membership for you to show up when you want, sweat a little bit, maybe dance around some cones, do some “functional” or “sports specific” movements, check all proverbial boxes and call it a day.

All for what? So you can say you had a good “workout?” Don’t you want to actually get better? Don’t you want to grow closer to your goal? Did you simply “workout” or did you train with purpose? 

You do not need a gym membership. You do not need a personal trainer. You sure as heck do not need to try and figure this out on your own. YOU NEED A COACH. You need an educated, experienced coach that knows what you NEED, where you have been, and where you want to be. You need appropriate evaluation, exercise selection and progression.

Thats where we come in.

OUR PURSUIT: enhance how your body moves through a scientific yet athletic based approach. 

Understand your needs.

OUR PASSION: help our athletes gain strength, increase acceleration, develop power, and better protect themselves from the intensity of sport and call of duty demands.

Trust the process.

OUR PERSPECTIVE: there will come a time where you find yourself in an injury-prone position. You being able to move your body effectively, efficiently and successfully from these less than ideal situations is what makes you resilient. The result is that your performance will be amplified and the life of your career, extended.

Adapt through consistency.

Strength and conditioning sessions are available in 1-1 sessions or group sessions.

Available to: youth athletes, high school athletes, collegiate and professional athletes, tactical athletes and general fitness individuals.

Eric Goldberg
Director of Performance
Ryan Gonzales
Head Assistant Performance Coach