Why USA Prime Softball?

USA Prime Softball was created to address the void we have seen over the last several years in youth and high school softball. Our goal is to prepare, develop, and mentor athletes to achieve their goals in softball and ultimately reach their full potential.

USA Prime aims for all of our athletes to play some level of college ball. We have built a team of the nation’s best coaches and placed them in an environment that continuously motivates and challenges them to show up and dream big for each and every player day in and day out.

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Program Highlights

  • Performance Training with Nationally Certified strength coaches
  • Injury prevention
  • Unlimited Hitting Package
  • Weekly Team Practices
  • Top Tier Instruction
  • Quality Coaches
  • Metrics Tracking with market leading technology
  • Virtual Combine (Recruiting)
  • Snap!Raise Campaign to offset fees

Become a USA Prime Team

Private Lessons

During our one on one training sessions, our coaches teach not only the mechanical aspects of certain skills, but also why each skill is important. In addition, by utilizing different training tools and technology, our coaches are able to show each player the good and bad of each movement and rep, and teach them to “feel” the skill.


Contact Trevor Goldberg

719-428-5466 ext. 700